Professional rotary table for photography and video

  • Full metal frame and gearing
  • Remote controlled
  • Full color touchscreen
  • Flash activated stepping
  • Direct drive



: 41.0 x 36.3 x 5.8 cm
Table Diameter: 27.2 cm
Power: 12V / 1.5A
Material: Anodised Aluminium
Weight: 4.6 Kg
Step mode

By selecting on of the seven possible rotation angles the EXPII will auto calculate the steps needed for a full rotation.

Possible Angles:
5/10/15/30/45/90/180/360 Degrees.
Resulting in:
72/36/15/24/12/8/4/2/1 Steps.

Remotely controlled

You can control this device by a IR remote control, USB, or touchscreen. In step mode the next step can also be triggered by the flash of the camera.

Steady mode

Besides operating the machine in step mode you can start its steady mode. The rotary table will spin with a constant adjustable speed. The direction of this spinning action can be selected by touchscreen or remote control.

Elegant and robust design

The EXPII has been build with only the best materials. All frame parts are made of anodised aluminium giving the machine a robust look en ensures a long lifetime.

Unique, truly intuitive User Interface

  • Beautiful and easy to understand UI
  • Full color Touchscreen
  • Audio feedback
Exposure II
Exposure II
Exposure II